Suspected drones and missiles

Ten attacks reported near Erbil

ERBIL, January 16– Recent footage captured by people in Erbil shows anti-aircraft fire responding to what is believed to be a missile attack near Erbil. The vicinity of the road leading to the Salahaddin witnessed ten explosions.

A 964media correspondent reported that the skies around Salahaddin Road were filled with red flares and lights, potentially from anti-aircraft fire targeting drones. Alarm sirens have been sounding for several minutes in numerous sensitive locations including the new building of the American Consulate.

Residents in several areas of Erbil and Harir have reported hearing loud explosions. Residents  in the Erbil neighborhoods of Farmanbaran, New Erbil, and Kasnazan, along with the areas of Pirzin and Shawes on the Pirmam road, have heard several large explosions, causing concern among the population.

New information received at 11:45 indicates that residents in the Mala Omar area, between the US consulate and Salahaldin, witnessed several missiles in the sky, reportedly aimed towards the new, yet-to-be-completed U.S. consulate. These explosions resulted in broken windows and power outages in Mala Omar.

Additionally, the sound of these explosions was also heard in Shaqlawa, causing visible shaking in homes. Another resident from Bnaslawa told 964media, “It felt like the explosion happened right in our street.”

In Harir, a 964media correspondent from Khalifan reported hearing two explosions, although the exact details of these incidents are still unclear.

According to eyewitnesses, the U.S. consulate in Erbil has activated its alarm system. It is believed that these explosions result from both drone and missile attacks targeting the U.S. consulate and the coalition base near Erbil Airport.