Snow plows needed to clear the roads

Group of tourists stranded in north of Erbil due to heavy snowfall

ERBIL, January 15 — Twelve tourists were stranded in Erbil’s Smelan district late Saturday due to heavy snow covering the area’s roads. Local reports indicated the accumulated snowfall had reached over a half-meter.

Civil defense forces dispatched teams to rescue the group, but required heavy equipment to plow the road.

The civil defense spokesperson in Soran, Rawand Hawdiani, told 964media, “The 12 tourists embarked on a trip from Erbil and Soran to enjoy the snowy weather in the Smelan district. However, they became trapped due to the snow, which has reached over half a meter in height.”

He continued, “Our teams have reached the scene, but they need substantial equipment to open the road due to the snow’s density. The tourists are safe, and there is no danger to their lives. We will open the road for their return as soon as possible.”