Suspect caught with crystal meth

Iraqi court sentences woman to 15 years in prison on drug charges

BAGHDAD, August 8 — The Criminal Court of Al-Rusafa issued a verdict today sentencing a woman to 15 years in prison for attempting to smuggle 100 grams of crystal methamphetamine into Baghdad through the Al-Shaab checkpoint, with the intention of selling it.

A statement from the judiciary’s media office read:

The Central Criminal Court, under the presidency of the Court of Appeals in Al-Rusafa, has issued a 15-year prison sentence against a drug dealer for the crime of trafficking in the sale of the narcotic substance, crystal.

[The suspect] was caught with 100 grams of crystal methamphetamine at the Al-Shaab checkpoint while attempting to bring it into Baghdad for trading and distribution among users.

The accused admitted to distributing and trafficking drugs within her apartment in Erbil governorate. The sentence was handed down in accordance with the provisions of Article 28/1 of the Drug and Psychotropic Substances Law No. 50 of 2017.