Minister of trade assures food security and strategic reserves

BAGHDAD, January 14 — Minister of Trade, Atheer Dawood Al-Ghareeri, announced today, Sunday, that citizens’ allocation of flour is provided for the entire year. He further indicated that essential food baskets are guaranteed for the next six months.


Minister of Trade Atheer Dawood Al-Ghareeri affirmed the achievement of food security and the establishment of a strategic reserve of grains in silos and warehouses of the Ministry of Trade, ensuring the supply of flour for the entire year. He stated that the essential food baskets are secured for the coming six months.

During his visit to the booth of the General Company for Grain Processing at the Baghdad International Fair, the minister added that his ministry is working on a comprehensive strategy to enhance the methods of support provided to citizens.

Emphasizing that the random support approach applied for more than three decades does not serve the intended purpose, he expressed the desire to change and rectify the support system by introducing new ideas and a fresh vision for the support mechanism and the targeted entities. The goal is to preserve the final product and protect the consumer.

He pointed out that the state’s objective is to ensure that no Iraqi citizen lives below the poverty line.

Minister Al-Ghareeri praised the company’s role in providing flour to all those covered by the ration card system throughout the year, acknowledging their contributions. The General Manager of the company, Khaled Ismail Al-Nadawi, presented a shield of appreciation to the minister on behalf of the company’s employees.