All eyes on Iraq

Iraqi PM Al-Sudani’s Davos agenda focuses on Gaza and International Coalition

LONDON, January 12 — Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani is set to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, as a key speaker. The forum, themed “Rebuilding Trust,” will address the conflict in Gaza alongside global issues like climate change and artificial intelligence. It is expected to attract heads of 100 governments and representatives from 1,000 international organizations.

An Iraqi diplomat told 964media that Al-Sudani will focus on “the risks of the Gaza conflict’s expansion” and “debate surrounding the government’s stance on the international coalition forces.”

Al-Sudani aims to reaffirm Iraq’s position of not becoming hostile to any party, maintaining relations with all, but within the framework of respecting the country’s national sovereignty.

Western journalists in London, before departing for Davos, anticipate exceptional interest in Al-Sudani’s session. They believe the Middle Eastern leaders will concentrate on the Gaza War and its potential expansion, particularly in the Red Sea.

Journalists also expect the agenda to be heavily occupied with Iraq’s government team, with over 15 sessions scheduled with top Western correspondents. The key focus will be on the future of the international coalition in Iraq and the likelihood of an American withdrawal, considered unlikely during the Gaza conflict and before the U.S. presidential elections. Concerns about opening another front in Iraq, particularly in light of the tense situation in Yemen, are also being raised among Western diplomats in London.