Like father like son

Reviving Mosul’s Assyrian heritage:

NINEVEH, MOSUL, January 12 — In Mosul, sculptor Omar Qais, assisted and supervised by his father, Professor Qais Ibrahim, has installed six large sculptures that pay homage to Assyrian civilization, including winged bulls and the kings Sennacherib and Sargon II, strategically placed in key locations across the city.

Details of the Sculptures:
Omar Qais, a teacher at the Institute of Fine Arts for Boys, and his father, Professor Qais Ibrahim from the College of Fine Arts in Mosul, have been collaborating for a decade. Their first project post-liberation in 2018 was “The Beautiful Lady.”

Omar Qais told 964media, “We have completed sculptures related to Assyrian civilization. The statue of King Sennacherib was placed near the Adad Gate archaeological site in the left side of Mosul. A sculpture of King Sargon II is located at the entrance of the new municipal building. We adorned the southern entrance of Mosul towards Baghdad, specifically at the Scorpion checkpoint, with a pair of winged bulls, and another pair at the entrance of the new Nineveh Governorate building. Our first post-liberation sculpture in Mosul was ‘The Beautiful Lady,’ placed in the well-known ‘My Beautiful Lady’ roundabout in the left side’s Zuhur area. Another work is the statue of Mullah Osman Al-Mosuli, located at the train station roundabout in the right side of Mosul.”

Professor Qais Ibrahim added, “My son Omar inherited the profession from me and has been working with me since he was young. I currently supervise and follow every detail of his work. Recently, we have completed six different works. We have many ideas ready to be implemented, waiting for support from government entities or civil society organizations, similar to what the Mosul Municipality did.”