2014 law created disparities.

Baghdad Retirees Protest for Pension Parity

BAGHDAD, January 10 — A group of retirees staged a protest today, Wednesday, in front of the Green Zone’s entrance in Baghdad. Their primary demand is for amendments to the pension law, seeking to bridge the gap in pension payments created by the 2014 law revision.

Protesters expressed their concerns to 964media correspondent, highlighting the disparity in pension payments between those who retired before and after the 2014 law amendment.

According to them, retirees who left their jobs before 2014 receive a pension of only 500,000 Iraqi dinars. In contrast, their counterparts who retired post-2014 amendment, with an equivalent service period, are entitled to 800,000 Iraqi dinars.

Adding to the grievances, some protesters who have served for over 15 years said that despite receiving their MasterCard in 2020, they haven’t received any pension payments since then.