750 graduates

Graduates in Dhi Qar demand government appointments

DHI QAR, January 10 – Dozens of graduates from Al-Fahud district, southeast of Nasiriyah, held a demonstration on Tuesday evening. The protest was focused on their demand for inclusion in the recent government appointments announced by the Prime Minister during his visit to the Dhi Qar governorate.

Yahya Razzaq, President of the Graduates’ Association in Al-Fahud, conveyed their demands to 964media. Razzaq stated, “We demand to be included similarly to the graduates who are protesting in Nasiriyah, and who were granted an exception by the Prime Minister yesterday. We reject the limited exception that was issued and demand our inclusion in the appointments. We will continue to protest and demand until we are included and treated fairly.”

Razzaq highlighted that there are approximately 750 graduates in Al-Fahud who feel overlooked in the recent governmental decisions. He added that although there have been previous demonstrations, they were not consistent, which he believes is a reason for their exclusion from the exception granted to others. He added: “The graduates vow to continue their protests until their demands are met and they receive equitable treatment in government appointment processes.”