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National Data Center polls public on coalition forces’ mission

The National Data Center, an entity under the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers (GSCOM), has initiated an online survey to gather public opinion on the continuation of the international coalition’s mission in Iraq.

The survey, entitled “Ending the Mission of the Coalition Forces in Iraq,” allows participants to express their views through three options:

1. End the mission of the coalition forces by all means.

2. End the mission through dialogue.

3. Support the continuation of the coalition forces in Iraq.

GSCOM disseminated the survey via SMS. The message sent to the public reads: “Dear citizen, are you in favor of continuing the International Coalition’s mission in Iraq? Please share your opinion by participating in the survey organized by the Iraqi Center to gauge public opinion at:

In addition to their views on the coalition forces, participants are also requested to provide demographic information, such as sex, age, governorate, employment status, and education level.

The survey comes amidst the controversy around the presence of the coalition forces ion Iraq, especially after the killing of a militia leader in Baghdad by the USA.

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