Totalling $4.3 bn dollars

Iraq imports a third of Iran’s agricultural and food exports in nine months

JANUARY 9 — 964Newsroom, According to Rouhollah Latifi, spokesperson for the Iranian Trade Development Chamber, Iraq imported approximately a third of Iran’s agricultural and food product exports over the past nine months. The value of these imports amounted to $1.405 billion, out of the total Iranian export value of $4.312 billion.

As reported by the Iranian Fars News Agency, over the past nine months, Iran exported more than 6 million tons of seafood, livestock, food products, and orchard products. The total value of these exports was $4.312 billion dollars and 948 thousand dollars, representing a 7.2% increase in weight and 22% increase in value compared to previous figures.

About 68% of these exports were distributed among five countries. Iraq was the leading importer with purchases worth $1.405 billion, followed by the UAE with $531 million, Russia with $376 million, Pakistan with $330 million, and Afghanistan with $280 million.

Other notable importing countries include China, India, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Germany, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Oman, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, Spain, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Syria, and then other countries. This distribution highlights Iraq’s significant role as a primary market for Iranian agricultural and food exports.