PM pledges support to families

Al-Sudani meets with families of police martyrs from the Ministry of Interior

BAGHDAD, January 9 — Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani met with the families of martyrs of the Ministry of Interior on Tuesday, affirming the government’s commitment to giving the martyrs’ file priority.

A statement from Al-Sudani’s office said:

Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani met with several families of police martyrs and other formations within the Ministry of Interior on Tuesday morning.

He welcomed the families of the martyrs, recalling the sacrifices of the police martyrs and other security forces affiliated with the Ministry of Interior. He acknowledged their heroism in confronting terrorism and facing criminal gangs that seek to undermine society and spread chaos.

Mr. Al-Sudani emphasized the government’s commitment to giving the security forces martyrs file, in all its forms, the necessary importance. He expressed the government’s dedication to monitoring the conditions of their families, addressing their needs, and fulfilling their full entitlements. He pointed out that this attention is not merely a gesture but a duty and governmental commitment to the families of the heroes who sacrificed their lives. The government’s doors are open to them at all times, not just on special occasions.