Violators to face fines and prison

Illegal tree-cutting sparks authorities’ response in Qaradagh

SULAYMANIYAH, January 9 — In the past two days, a spate tree-felling in Sulaymaniyah’s Qaradagh region has triggered intervention from the Environmental and Forestry Police who are trying to apprehend suspects and administer penalties.

Incidents of tree-cutting in the villages of Timar, Kani Roshnayi, and Halder prompted the arrival of the forest police who launched an investigation focusing on both the trees and the individuals responsible for their felling.

A statement from local police force revealed that several trees had been unlawfully cut down. Charges have been filed against three citizens implicated in the unauthorized tree cutting.

Hemn Kamarkhan, spokesperson for the police force, disclosed to 964 that severe penalties would be levied on those responsible for cutting trees aged 100 years or older, including fines of five million dinars and imprisonment. Emphasizing the gravity of such offenses, Kamarkhan added that individuals cutting trees would be mandated to plant 10 replacements, with further legal consequences determined by the court.

In a related incident, a citizen was arrested in Qaradagh’s Chami Smora village for unauthorized tree-cutting. Kamarkhan noted that claims of fuel shortages did not justify such actions, asserting that cutting such trees was strictly prohibited, regardless of the circumstances.