Workers' Union Report

Worker Fatalities in Kurdistan Reach 53 in Past Year

ERBIL, January 7 – The Kurdistan Workers’ Union has reported a total of 53 worker fatalities over the past year, with 39 local workers and 14 foreigners among the deceased. This figure marks a concerning increase from the previous year.

According to the union’s statistics, Sulaymaniyah governorate recorded the highest number of fatalities, with 24 workers, followed by Erbil with 11, Garmian with 10, Duhok with 7, and Zakho with 1. This distribution highlights significant regional disparities in workplace safety.

Hangaw Abdullah Khan, President of the Kurdistan Workers’ Union, in a statement to 964media, attributed a considerable number of these fatalities to a combination of employer and worker negligence. He also pointed out the inadequate use of safety equipment and protocols as contributing factors.

The Union’s comparison of these statistics to those of 2022 reveals a troubling trend. In the previous year, 41 workers lost their lives in workplace incidents, including 31 local workers and 10 from outside the region.