Eucalyptus, Indian rosewood and Albizia lebbeck

Over 2,000 trees planted in Erbil shelter for stray dogs

ERBIL, January 7 — The Erbil Parks Engineering Directorate (EPED) started a tree-planting initiative, introducing more than 2,000 eucalyptus, Indian rosewood, and Albizia lebbeck trees to the shelter for stray dogs in Erbil.

Sarwar Waisi Karim, the spokesperson for EPED, told 964media that their commitment lies in enhancing the shelter’s greenery, fostering a more comfortable environment for stray dogs

“This tree-planting effort also serves the purpose of segregating male and female dogs within the shelter, contributing to a more organized and manageable environment,” he added.

Addressing concerns surrounding the eucalyptus tree, Waisi clarified its suitability for the shelter’s location outside Erbil. The eucalyptus, known for its rapid growth, only requires a month of watering, making it well-suited for the shelter’s needs.

The Erbil Municipality has produced over 210,000 trees and flowers across three nurseries in 2023, with plans to double the number in this year.