Power cuts drive demand

Najaf witnesses record high prices of ice blocks amid soaring summer temperatures

NAJAF, August 5 — Prices of ice blocks in Najaf reached the highest this summer as temperatures soar to 50 degrees Celsius, coinciding with a significant decline in electricity supply hours.

With continuous power outages lasting over four hours, residents resort to buying ice blocks to cool their water, despite the two-hour preparation time.

Ahmed Jasim, a customer, stated, “The constant electricity cuts force us to buy ice to chill water. Last year, we purchased a block for 1,500 dinars, but today it reached 3,000 dinars.”

Ali Saud, an ice seller, pointed out that production costs are responsible for the price hike, as each ice block costs them 2,000 dinars, and they sell it for 3,000 dinars.

The demand for ice is high, with daily sales ranging between 50 to 60 blocks compared to the previous 30 blocks before the recent surge in temperatures.