Resembling the famous Shanidar Cave

Video: Discovery of an ancient cave in Erbil’s Harir district

ERBIL, January 3 – Environmental activist Sozdar Ahmad has identified a significant cave, known locally as Mara Cave, on Mount Sarawird in the Harir district of Erbil. The cave, which spans an impressive 5,000 square meters, shows evidence of previous human occupation. Its striking similarity to the renowned Shanidar Cave, known for its crucial archaeological findings, has sparked interest in the area.

Despite indications of past habitation, Mara Cave currently functions as a shelter for livestock. The lack of archaeological exploration in the cave means that details about the age and historical significance of the site, as well as information about its early inhabitants, remain unknown. Archaeologists have not yet conducted any excavations at the site, leaving a veil of mystery over its potential historical importance.