Dozens arrested in 2023

Over 140 suspects detained for illegal hunting and tree felling in Garmiyan

GARMIYAN, January 2 — The Garmiyan Forest Police Directorate apprehended 147 individuals engaged in illegal hunting and tree felling in the district in 2023.

The directorate reported a notable increase in violators, totaling 37 more arrests compared to 2022’s figure of 110 individuals.

Directorate spokesperson Akram Kamil, disclosed to 964, “Throughout 2023, our units proactively patrolled areas susceptible to illicit activities, leading to the apprehension of 147 violators. Among those detained, two were identified as forest police officers, with their cases and several others currently pending in court.”

The fines levied against the arrested violators amounted to 2.5 million dinars, Kamil confirmed.

Forest police confiscated various items in 2023, including two Kalashnikov rifles with 12 bullets, 19 shotguns with 87 bullets, 75 pieces of  timber, 56 fishing nets, 17 generators and electrical equipment, 57 hunting materials, 10 motorcycles, 37 kilograms of fish, and one Seminoff rifle.