Disputed territory in question

Sudani denies rumors that Iraq will handover land to Kuwait

BAGHDAD, August 6 — On Sunday, Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani stated that there is no decision regarding relinquishing Iraqi territory and urged citizens to cooperate with the government to curb violations on water networks.

In a conversation with journalist Mustafa Al-Rubaie, Al-Sudani emphasized that discussions about giving up Iraqi land aim to obscure public opinion and distort facts. He clarified that no such decision has been made since 2003, neither by the current government nor the previous ones.

Sudani’s statements referenced rumors in recent days of a handover of lands in southern Basra to neighboring Kuwait.

He also highlighted that the current summer is the toughest on Iraq, calling on citizens to collaborate with the government in minimizing encroachments on water networks.