Financial Woes Hinder Efficiency of Waste Management Companies

Waste Buildup in Sulaymaniyah Streets Exposes Garbage Collection Challenges

SULAYMANIYAH, January 1 — The streets and markets of Sulaymaniyah have been facing an unusual accumulation of waste material for nearly two weeks, casting a spotlight on the inefficiencies of some garbage collector companies in the city and drawing public attention and concern.

Sulaymaniyah’s city center is divided into seven cleaning zones, each entrusted to a separate company for garbage collection. However, a source from the Sulaymaniyah Municipality told 964 media that only three of these companies are maintaining their regular pace of operations. The remaining firms are underperforming, contributing to the growing problem of waste accumulation.

The source identified financial struggles as the primary reason for this slowdown. The lack of proper compensation has led to a reduction in their ability to manage waste effectively, resulting in the gradual buildup of garbage on the streets.

On a typical day, Sulaymaniyah generates approximately 1,000 tons of waste, a figure that escalates to about 1,200 tons during special occasions. The current situation has far exceeded these usual amounts due to the partial breakdown in waste collection services.

The source from the municipality mentioned that there is a concerted effort to ensure all companies resume their normal operations after the New Year holidays. This intervention is aimed at preventing further accumulation of debris in the city and restoring the cleanliness and hygiene standards of Sulaymaniyah.