Crystal and Captagon

Surge in drug-related cases in Kurdistan Region in 2023

ERBIL, January 1 — The Kurdistan Region grappled with a notable surge in drug-related cases throughout 2023, as disclosed by the head of the Anti-Drug Awareness Organization (AAO).

Among the most confiscated drugs, Crystal and Captagon have raised significant concerns. Dr. Ibrahim Ramazan, President of AAO, told 964media, “The widespread use of these two drugs is linked to their affordability. Moreover, lenient penalties for users further exacerbated the issue. In response to the escalating threat, legal amendments have been enacted, imposing sentences of up to 15 years imprisonment. Concurrently, the Ministry of Health has reclassified them as dangerous substances.”

According to Dr. Ibrahim Ramazan’s statistics, 2023 marks an unparalleled surge in drug seizures and trafficker apprehensions, surpassing the combined figures of the previous five years.

Captagon, a compound of amphetamine and theophylline developed in 1961 for treating attention deficit disorder and depression, it was completely banned in 1986.