Lovebirds as New Year’s gifts in Al-Qa’im

Al-Qa’im, December 31 – In a shift from traditional New Year’s gifts, the city of Al-Qa’im in western Iraq is embracing a unique and vibrant gift choice this year: lovebirds. The colorful birds have become a popular choice among residents looking for meaningful gifts for their loved ones.

Throughout the last week of the year, bird shops in Al-Qa’im have seen an influx of young people, eager to find an innovative and special gift for their spouses or fiancées. This trend marks a significant change from last year, where iPhones were the top-selling gift item.

Asaad Rahim, a local shopper, shared his enthusiasm for this new gifting trend, saying, “Lovebirds, with their beautiful shapes, distinctive sounds, and multiple colors, make an excellent alternative to conventional gifts like flowers, phones, or red bears. I chose a pair as a gift for my wife, as they symbolize love and happiness.”

Mohammed Adel, who owns a bird shop, has noticed the surge in demand for lovebirds. “In the past week, there’s been a significant increase in people buying lovebirds as a unique and beautiful gift for their partners. All specialized stores in Al-Qa’im are stocked with dozens of pairs of lovebirds, ready for the New Year celebrations.”

He added that the price of a pair of lovebirds ranges between 15,000 to 75,000 Iraqi dinars, varying based on age and type. The shops in Al-Qa’im offer a wide array of colors to cater to different preferences, ensuring that each gift is as unique and special as the recipient.