Expected to surpass 150.

IHEC receives over 100 appeals on election results

BAGHDAD, December 31 — The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) in Baghdad has received an influx of appeals related to the recent election results. As Sunday draws to a close, the number of appeals is expected to surpass 150. The Commission announced that it is actively processing these appeals and forwarding them to the judicial authorities for adjudication.

Ali Faisal, the Secretary-General of the Board of Commissioners, said that”So far, the commission has addressed over 100 appeals and anticipates this number to exceed 150 by the end of the business day.” He emphasized the impartial handling of all submissions, ensuring each complaint is given due consideration.

The process, as outlined by Faisal, involves a thorough review by the department for appeals and complaints, followed by the forwarding of completed appeals to the judiciary. This step marks the beginning of the legal process for resolving these electoral disputes.

Faisal assured that the IHEC is committed to settling all appeals within the legally mandated timeframe, starting from today. He also noted that following the closure of official working hours, the commission would cease accepting any further appeals in compliance with the election law. This move marks a significant step in finalizing the election process and upholding the integrity of the democratic exercise.