964media spotlights the schedule

Basra showcases Iraqi music stars on New Year’s eve

Basra, December 31 – In a vibrant celebration of art and music, Basra is hosting an array of New Year’s Eve concerts featuring some of Iraq’s most renowned music stars. 964media has spotlighted the schedule of performances across various venues in the city, offering a rich tapestry of musical experiences for the festive night.

The lineup for the evening includes:

– Grand Millennium Al-Seef Hotel: Performances by Ilham Al-Madfai and Mustafa Al-Abdullah.
– Downtown Restaurant: Adnan Bresam and Hussein Al-Ghazal are set to entertain guests.
– Mövenpick Hotel – Al-Nakheel Restaurant: Khaled Al-Haneen will be performing.
– Tche Tche Restaurant: Oras Star is scheduled to take the stage.
– Horizon Hotel: Shanashil Baghdad Band will be performing live.
– Libra Restaurant: The evening will see performances by Hamza Al-Asil and Ali Al-Maryani.
– Shanashil Mall Carnival: A star-studded lineup featuring Ali Al-Mansour, Fahad Al-Adwani, Mohannad Al-Azzawi, Yahya Al-Alaq, Mohammed Abdul Allah, and Hanin Ghanem.
– Princesses Restaurant: The celebration will include Hamza Al-Mohammadi, Mohammed Abdul Allah, and Hassan Naseem.

Sajjad Adel, the owner of Princesses Restaurant, shared his excitement with 964media: “We are thrilled to organize a New Year’s Eve celebration complete with fireworks, prize draws, and a musical evening featuring Mohammed Abdul Allah, Hamza Al-Mohammadi, and Hassan Naseem. This event is our way of bringing joy to the families and youth of Basra. Basra is a city known for its love, art, and beauty, and we plan to continue the celebrations until 4 AM.”

Hanin Ghanem, the organizer of the Poetry Carnival at Shanashil Mall, expressed her enthusiasm: “I arrived in Basra yesterday for the New Year’s Eve poetry carnival. The journey through Basra Airport was smooth, and I’m currently staying at the Mövenpick Hotel. Exploring the streets of Basra has been a delightful experience. The city is alive with energy, and the atmosphere is absolutely fantastic. Basra truly deserves its reputation as a tourist city.”