Music performances planned

Baghdad’s Mansour district prepares for New Year’s Eve celebrations

BAGHDAD, December 30 — Preparations for New Year celebrations are underway in Baghdad’s central Mansour neighborhood, particularly in the Al-Rawad area, which will be closed to vehicular traffic.

Planned celebrations will include a long list of musical events organized by restaurants and cafes in the area and malls in Al-Rawad have been adorned with holiday decorations.

Performances by singers and musicians include:

Raad Al-Nasiri, Fahad Nouri, and Haibat Al-Badr at Hookah Restaurant
DJ Al-Sayyid at the Hunting Club (exclusive for club members)
Ali Halim, Taysir Al-Safir, and Suzana Nasri at Nutella Restaurant
Ali Abdul Salam, Hossam Mohammed, and Hossam Fareed at Hakayati Restaurant
Hussam Al-Rassam and Mahmoud Al-Ghaith at Amasia Hall
Amer Al-Bayati at Hamlaiya Restaurant
Qais Al-Azami at Qaftan Restaurant.

Huda Kamel, Media Director at Mansour Municipality:

“Like every year, we are keen on decorating the gardens, planting Christmas trees, especially in the Al-Rawad intersection and the main streets in Mansour. There will be no celebration organized by the municipality for the occasion in solidarity with the events in Gaza.”

Alaa Ghanem, Customer Service Manager at Al-Halwani Sweets:

“Our reception for this occasion will be limited to decorations and preparing sweets for celebrants. We will remain open until midnight or one in the morning at the latest due to the expected crowds.”

Omar Khudair, Palmo Fried Chicken Restaurant:

“By the time New Year’s arrives next Sunday, we will remain open until late at night. There will be a simple celebration with a mix of Arabic and foreign songs broadcast inside the restaurant only.”

Ahmad Afandi, owner of Al Afandi Fashion:

“In celebration of the New Year, we have applied a seven percent discount on all items in the store. We will remain open until 2 a.m., and this year we will not hold a special celebration in solidarity with Gaza and its people.”