Heavy rainfall turns the desert lush

Camping enthusiasts explore the scenic Iraqi desert in Samawah

SAMAWAH, December 28 — Camping enthusiasts have embarked on a journey to the desert in Muthanna’s Samawah district, to enjoy its enchanting surroundings following heavy rainfall and the appearance of lush grass.

The campers, known as “kashtat” enthusiasts, find the tranquility and lack of communication networks in the area to be the most beautiful aspects of these trips. They also enjoy activities like playing football, extended grilling sessions, and cooking.

Ali Jaber Al-Ziyadi, a weather forecaster, told 964:

“After the recent rainfall, the Samawah desert has transformed into green meadows, making it a destination for camping and fun. Youth take advantage of holidays to travel there, using four-wheel-drive vehicles due to the rugged roads and abundance of rocks. Camping trips, known as ‘kashtat,’ typically last for two to three days, where campers enjoy cooking lamb and grilling fish. Grass has appeared in border areas like Hidania, Al-Shikhia, Adan, Hreijat, Rawak, and Mughliya. We expect heavy rainfall in the coming days, contributing to an increase in the number of trips to the desert.”

Yahya Maseer, a teacher, shared his experience with 964:

“I went with a group of teachers, school principals, and supervisors to Faydat Al-Galib. We stayed there for two days with a total of 23 people. We enjoyed the serene atmosphere, played football, grilled fish, and cooked meat and rice to prepare the famous kabsa [dish]. What distinguishes these trips is the absence of phones due to the lack of communication networks in the desert.”