Initiative to keep his neighborhood clean

Businessman initiates cleanup campaign in Al-Kut City

AL-KUT, December 28 — A businessman hailing from Wasit, Imad Al-Barhan, has launched an initiative through his charitable foundation to clean up Al-Kut, starting with the Al-Jaafariya district where he grew up with his family. The campaign includes daily cleaning activities, waste removal, wall painting, and the development of rest areas.

Salim Jassim, Director of the Barhan Charitable Foundation, stated to 964:

“We are engaged in voluntary charitable activities under the guidance of the foundation’s patron as a way of showing gratitude to the Al-Jaafariya neighborhood where he lived. Our intention is for Al-Jaafariya to be the first area, and then we will expand to serve other regions. We started here because this street is vital, hosting schools, government offices, and a clinic. In addition to cleaning and painting, we provided rest areas and informative signs to instill the idea in the minds of the residents, who we appreciate for their cooperation.”

Maher Mohammed, a resident of Al-Jaafariya, shared:

“Businessman Imad Al-Barhan, originally from Wasit and currently residing in London, visited his old neighborhood during a recent visit to Iraq. He observed neglected waste bins and deteriorating walls. He decided to assign his charitable foundation to paint the walls, clean the street daily, and provide new dumpsters. We are thankful for his initiative. This is his birthplace, and it’s beautiful that he remembered it without any recommendation from anyone. Cleanliness is very comfortable, and we have informed all the residents of the neighborhood to maintain the current situation and take care of the cleanliness of the area. The man bears daily expenses for this purpose.”