Feeding the less fortunate in Dukan

Mother-son duo offers free meals to those who cannot afford to pay

SULAYMANIYAH, December 28 — In the bazaar of Sulaymaniyah’s Dukan district, a sign in the window of a reads “If you cannot afford to pay, you can eat here for free.”

Amina Ismail and Rahel Latif, a mother-son duo, sustain their livelihood by operating this altruistic establishment. Their restaurant offers a diverse menu featuring rice, stews, meat, soups, and pizza. Ismail told 964, “God has given this building not only to us, but also for those who cannot afford it, and they can eat free of charge.”

Latif further explained their mission, stating, “My mother and I have been running this restaurant for several years, and those who come to our restaurant with limited means or without money can partake in a complimentary meal; this is a religious and humanitarian endeavor for us.”