Employees told to leave the site and go home

Chiasurkh oil field faces production halt in Garmiyan

GARMIYAN, December 28– Production at the Chiasurkh oil field in Garmiyan’s Qoratu sub-district has stopped, with the operating company, Turkey’s Petoil, instructing its workforce to leave the site.

Sardar Mohammed, the sub-district’s director, revealed to 964 on Wednesday that Petoil sent an email instructing workers to suspend oil production in the field and to return home. Approximately 27 employees in the production department, with contracts set to expire in the new year, are affected.

Persistent issues, including water contamination in the Chiasurkh oil wells over several months, have led to a decline in production. As a consequence, the company has opted not to renew contracts for its employees starting from the new year. Efforts to resolve the problem, such as purchasing crude oil to mix with existing wells, proved unsuccessful.

The company’s future plans remain uncertain after the suspension of production. The Chiasurkh oil field, contributing 1,500 to 2,000 barrels daily, primarily served domestic consumption.