Advisor: traditional parties should rethink strategies

Karbala: “with love and affection to others,” Governor’s list secures majority

KARBALA, December 27 – Mawhoob al-Tamimi, the legal advisor to the Governor of Karbala, emphasized on Wednesday that the ‘Ibdaa (Creativity) Karbala’ coalition’s absolute majority win in the recent elections has significantly altered the local power dynamics. He advised traditional political parties to reevaluate their strategies in light of this change.

In a conversation with Journalist Adnan al-Taie, al-Tamimi highlighted the achievements of the ‘Ibdaa Karbala’ coalition, led by Governor Naseef al-Khattabi. The coalition won 7 seats out of 13 in the elections, securing an absolute majority. “We are now engaged in a fierce battle to win the eighth seat,” he stated.

From the outset, the ‘Ibdaa Karbala’ coalition calculated for an absolute majority, anticipating clashes with traditional blocs. Al-Tamimi expressed “love and affection” for these traditional parties, acknowledging their role in Iraq’s political landscape.

Al-Tamimi clarified that Governor Al-Khattabi’s approach is not personal but rather based on legal entitlements and electoral mandates. “Having an absolute majority does not prevent us from reaching alliances with other blocs,” he said, stressing the importance of a healthy working environment in the provincial council.

“The local power balance in Karbala has shifted, with ‘Ibdaa Karbala’ obtaining 50% of the votes through tangible work.” This, according to al-Tamimi, should prompt other parties to enhance their competitiveness, which is a positive development for the political landscape.

He advised traditional parties to take lessons from this outcome, emphasizing that real work and achievements are what attract voters.