Club aims for a turnaround

Erbil Football Club addresses financial troubles

ERBIL, December 28 — Erbil Football Club’s Vice President Mohammed Khoshnaw has confirmed to 964 that players are set to receive two months’ salaries, fostering a positive atmosphere within the club. Khoshnaw highlighted that both the club and the Erbil governor are facilitating the payments.

Addressing previous financial concerns, Khoshnaw said that outstanding issues, including the club’s debt to a hotel, have been successfully resolved. Additionally, he announced that players has resumed training on Wednesday in preparation for upcoming matches.

He further aknowledged disruptions from past salary delays led to resignations by coaching staff. Khoshnaw revealed that Abdulqadir Hussein is presently serving as an interim coach until a new appointment is made.

Calls for substantial reforms within the club have been growing  as discontent from fans was palpable this year. The club’s poor performance in the Iraqi Star League was at the center of concerns, with six losses, two draws, and three wins, accumulating 11 points to secure the league’s 15th position.