Area covers 1.5 million square meters

Iraq’s Umm Qasr port welcomes over 150,000 containers in automated reception area

UMM QASR, December 27 — The General Company for Iraqi Ports revealed on Wednesday that over 150,000 containers were processed in the main reception yard of Umm Qasr Port during the period from June to December 2023.

The main reception yard at Umm Qasr serves as Iraq’s first maritime gateway operating through electronic automation and covering an area of 1.5 million square meters, of which 700,000 square meters have been implemented so far.

The reception yard handles cargo from the southern and northern berths of Umm Qasr, fortified with security fences, specialized sonar, heavy-duty scales, and service facilities.

Furhan Al-Fartoosi, Director of the Iraqi Ports Company told 964: “This statistical report spans the six months since the opening of the main reception yard (Phase One) for Umm Qasr Ports. It includes container handling operations, unloading and loading), within the yard.”

“The system implemented in the yard has reduced the existing routine and shortened processing times,” he said, adding that the yard’s expansion project was initiated on December 7, 2023.