describing it as a terrorist attack

Iraqi security forces to pursue perpetrators of Erbil airport attack

Yahya Rasul Abdullah, spokesperson for the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, condemned the drone attack on Erbil airport, describing it as a terrorist attempt to undermine Iraq’s security and international relations. He assured that the Iraqi security forces, bolstered by intelligence efforts, are actively pursuing the culprits to ensure justice.

The Iraqi government reaffirmed its commitment to enhancing national stability and fortifying the state’s foundations. The attack, believed to be orchestrated by outlaw groups, represents a challenge to Iraq’s ongoing efforts to improve security and develop its armed forces.

As investigations continue, the Iraqi government vows to maintain its course of strengthening security measures and countering threats to national and regional stability.

Text of the statement:

The Iraqi government continues its intensive work to enhance security and stability throughout the country, stabilize the foundations of the state, and work to develop the capacities and capabilities of our heroic security forces.

In this persistent pursuit, outlaw groups are trying to attack Iraqi bases, some of which have international coalition force advisors, including what happened at 15: 50 p.m., today Monday, by sending a bomb-laden drone near Erbil’s civil airport. The accident resulted in injuries, disrupted the airport’s operation, and affected the timing of civil flights.

Such criminal acts aim to cause harm to Iraq’s interests, its regional and international relations, and while we condemn this terrorist act, we affirm that the Iraqi security forces, backed by intelligence efforts, will reach the perpetrators and bring them to justice so that they can receive their punishment.

Major General Special Forces
Yahya Rasul Abdullah
Spokesperson for the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
December 25, 2023