The region has over 700 beekeepers

Barzan Agriculture Center plans beekeeping course

BARZAN, December 24– Barzan Agriculture Center (BAC) is gearing up to launch a beekeeping course, acknowledging beekeeping as a flourishing profession in the Barzan region, Erbil. Agricultural statistics reveal that over 700 individuals actively engage in beekeeping and honey production in this locale.

Amir Mustafa, the director of BAC, Told 964media that the upcoming course is designed for young beekeepers of both genders. Mustafa highlighted that five participants have already registered, with expectations for additional enrollments.

Underlining the commitment to quality instruction, Mustafa emphasized that the course instructors are seasoned experts in the field of beekeeping.

Renowned for its environmentally friendly practices, the Barzan region strictly prohibits activities such as logging or hunting wild animals, with violators facing punitive measures.