Some vote results expected to change

Iraq election commission resolves complaints, sets manual vote count deadline

BAGHDAD, December 23 — The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced on Friday that it had resovled complaints filed during both early and general voting in the provincial council elections, adding that it would set a deadline for manual vote counting and sorting.

IHEC spokesperson Imad Jameel spoke to the Iraqi News Agency, and said:

Counting and sorting operations are ongoing at all audit centers in the governorates. Some governorates will complete the counting and sorting process on Friday, while others, with a significant number of stations, will conclude on Saturday.

The two largest centers undergoing counting and sorting are Al-Karkh with 346 stations and Al-Rusafa with 224 stations. Approximately 70 percent of the counting and sorting for stations in these two centers will be completed today, with the remaining to be finalized tomorrow.

Counting and sorting operations are set to conclude by next Sunday in all centers. A total of 118 complaints have been resolved, with 55 related to private voting and 63 pertaining to public voting.

The counting and sorting operations are expected to result in minor changes to the initial results, with no significant impact.