Tech errors pose result delay

Al-Maliki commends election participation

BAGHDAD, December 17 — Head of the State of Law Coalition, Nouri al-Maliki, said on Sunday that the results of the special vote have “warmed our hearts”. He also said that he is awaiting the popular initiative in the general vote for the provincial councils, scheduled for tomorrow.

Post by al-Maliki on (X) website:

“I extend the highest thanks and appreciation to our heroic armed forces in all their forms, and to our brave brothers in the internal security forces at all levels and formations. Also, to our brothers in the blessed Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), and to all the vigilant security agencies of the state. They participated widely in the elections, which warmed our hearts and lit the candle of hope for a bright future. We take pride in all of them as they are the bulwark of the nation, guardians of its independence, borders, security, stability, and the preservation of its system. They are the custodians of its young democratic experience, and today they have laid a new foundation in building our state. With their high determination, its structure has risen, and its foundations have solidified. We look forward to our people on Monday receiving the initiative from the participants in the special voting and enhancing it with the wide participation recorded in the special voting. Salute to the makers of glory for their dear people and the brilliant historians of their beloved homeland.”

Earlier, election observers confirmed that many electronic counting and sorting devices were unable to upload ballot results in accordance with the accelerated results mechanism. Technicians suggest that “pressure on servers” may have caused this malfunction, and the failure of the devices to transmit results will likely lead to manual counting, inevitably causing a delay in the expected announcement of results.