Breaking a Guinness record

Heart center in Najaf achieves unprecedented milestone with over 1000 surgeries in one month

NAJAF, December 13 — The Heart Center affiliated with Najaf Health Department conducted more than 1000 surgeries in a single month, including complex procedures such as coronary artery surgery and cerebral thrombosis catheterization, marking an unprecedented achievement in Iraq.

The center entered the Guinness World Records in 2021 on World Heart Day, being one of 20 centers globally to perform heart valve transplantation through catheterization in just one hour.

Dr. Khaled Ammar – Director of the Heart Center for Network 964:

“The center operates with high intensity and advanced technology, equipped with experienced staff. We stand out for heart valve transplantation through catheterization, and our catheterization interventions are conducted 24/7. The center performed 1000 surgical interventions in November alone, recently introducing catheterization treatment for cerebral thrombosis, achieving a 100% recovery rate – a service unique to our center in Iraq. Approximately 70% of cases are from patients outside Najaf, hailing from various cities across the country. We successfully performed an ‘electrical catheterization’ for a patient from Erbil, representing a groundbreaking procedure. We also conduct surgeries for children, a service that was previously only available abroad. Our team comprises 14 catheterization doctors and 6 surgical doctors, forming a comprehensive team contributing to this remarkable achievement.”

Abbas Medhat – Patient for Network 964:

“I faced sudden health issues and was transferred to the Najaf Heart Center based on a recommendation from my colleagues in the Diwaniya Health Department. The service here has been excellent for a long time, and the presence of color dopplers made me choose Najaf for treatment. I underwent a cerebral thrombosis operation through catheterization and woke up less than 24 hours later.”