Facility to manage food, inorganic, and medical waste

German company opens recycling plant in Zakho

DUHOK, December 13 — A German company has begun a waste recycling project in Duhok’s Zakho district, with a monthly capacity of 450 tons.

Abdul Rahman Adeeb, the Director of Industrial Development overseeing the project, confirmed the project in an interview with Al-Sabah newspaper.

Adeeb added that theinitiative aims to efficiently manage waste by collecting, transporting, sorting, compressing, and recycling it without resorting to burying the garbage in landfills. Organic waste, such as food waste, will undergo chemical treatment to produce organic fertilizers for agricultural use.

Regarding medical waste, Adeeb mentioned that an Iraqi company managing the project will collect medical waste from hospitals, clinics, and private and government laboratories using special vehicles. The waste will be transported to the facility for specialized treatment, distinct from municipal waste disposal methods.

Previously, medical waste was disposed of in hospital incinerators, which will now be replaced by advanced German technology utilized in the new facility.

Adeeb also revealed plans to extend this project to other cities in the region through the Ministry of Municipalities.