Local demand is high for the imported flowers

Iranian narcissus flowers from Shiraz enter Sulaymaniyah markets

SULAYMANIYAH, December 9 — Iranian Shirazi narcissus flowers arrived in Sulaymaniyah markets this week, with one seller affirming the flowers will be available until March.

Flower seller Kazem Habibullah said demand for the flowers, which typically signal an imminent spring, is especially high.

“The price for each bouquet is 2,000 dinars, and I sell around 20 bouquets daily,” he said.

“The flowers will remain in Kurdistan’s markets until March 2024, and when [local] Kurdish narcissus flowers appear, and imports of Iranian ones stop,” Habibullah added.

Iranian narcissus are larger in size and have more flowers with a sweeter fragrance compared to the Kurdish narcissus.