Ministry of Health delivery for blood transfusions

Thousands of blood units dispatched to Sulaymaniyah for thalassemia patients

SULAYMANIYAH, December 6 — The Iraqi Ministry of Health has dispatched approximately 2,000 units of blood to Sulaymaniyah, earmarked for medical services catering to thalassemia patients, Dr. Biryar Rashid, a member of the Iraqi Parliament, said in a news conference on Tuesday.

Rashid said the blood was delivered to the General Directorate of Health’s warehourse in Sulaymaniyah and highlighted past challenges faced by thalassemia patients due to a shortage of blood supplies for patient transfusions.

Thalassemia, a hereditary blood disorder, results in a lower percentage of healthy red blood cells, leading to reduced levels of healthy hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the vital protein responsible for giving red blood cells their color and facilitating the transport of oxygen to various parts of the body.

The recent initiative by the Ministry of Health aims to alleviate the challenges and enhance medical services for individuals affected by thalassemia in the region.