Villagers and tourists at risk of illness

Sargalu village seeks 90 million dinars to fix sewage water-contaminated spring

SULAYMANIAH, December 4 —  Shorsh Mohammed, the head of Sargalu village, said his district urgently needs 90 million Iraqi dinars to address water management issues and concerns that sewage is contaminating drinking water supplies.

An essential source of the village’s drinking water, situated in the lower part of Sargalu, is reportedly mixing with waste water, presenting a critical concern for the community’s health.

Mohammed informed 964 that despite the associated risks, some residents still rely on this water source for drinking. However, a majority of households have resorted to digging wells and utilizing personal well water for drinking purposes.

With 200 households and a population exceeding 750 inhabitants, the village faces additional challenges as the water utilized by tourists at Sargalu resort comes from the same contaminated spring, resulting in a troubling threat to public safety.