Decorations on sale since last month

Christians in Ainkawa prepare for Christmas and New Year celebrations with ornamental trees

ERBIL, December 4 — Christmas and New Year preparations are in full swing in Erbil’s Christian community of Ainkawa where decorations have been selling since November. According to one shop owner, the price of a holiday tree can fetch as high as 750,000 Iraqi dinars.

Maran Mansouri, owner of the Shaqlawa Bookstore told 964:

People flock to buy Christmas decorations in November, continuing until the end of January due to differences in the celebration dates among denominations.

There is growing demand for green decorations over white ones, with prices varying based on size, quality, and country of origin. Prices start at 65,000 dinars for small trees and can go up to 750,000 dinars for trees reaching a height of five meters.

Most of the materials are imported from China, with some also coming from Thailand and the UAE.

There is significant demand for tree decorations, including balls, string lights, and various items for home decoration.

Celebrations in Ainkawa will be held in private this year though as the heads of Iraq’s Christian churches announced that their communities would cancel festive celebrations for Christmas and New Year in solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.