In collaboration with the "Basmat Amal" organization

Volunteer team plants 9,000 trees in Baghdad university campus

BAGHDAD, December 3 — A volunteer team of students from Ibn Rushd College of Education accomplished the planting of 9,000 diverse trees within the college complex at Baghdad University in the Bab Al-Muadham area. The initiative was conducted in collaboration with the “Basmat Amal” organization for volunteer work.

Ali Abdul Rahman, Head of Basmat Amal Team for Network 964:

“The volunteer team, formed by Ibn Rushd College of Education in collaboration with the organization, aims to provide educational and service-oriented voluntary initiatives. The first phase involved planting 9,000 diverse trees.”

Several volunteering students interviewed by Network 964:

“Our work involves creating community initiatives within the college. The initial efforts included repairing and replacing soil unsuitable for cultivation, sowing grass, and planting thousands of various trees, evergreen plants, flowers, and “Yas” plants. Additionally, side fences were established for each garden.

What makes it beautiful is that the work was carried out by volunteers from students at different academic levels and departments within the college. The forthcoming projects promise to be even more magnificent.”