With the participation of students from 17 schools

Private schools organize 2,000-meter race in Sulaymaniyah

SULAYMANIYAH, December 2 — The private schools organized a 2000-meter race on Thursday, with the participation of students from 17 schools of both genders. The event took place at the Sulaymaniyah University stadium, where Arwa Taha clinched the first position, while camera 964 captured the visible fatigue among the girls.

Taban Mohammed, one of the tournament organizers for Network 964, provided details:

“The race covered a distance of 2000 meters, with the participation of 170 students from 17 private schools in Sulaymaniyah. Arwa Taha from the ‘Leaders’ school secured the first position, followed by Dani Jamal from the ‘Wise Kazuwa’ school in second place, and Yani Kuran from the ‘Junior Play’ school in third place. Ten students from each school participated in the race, which took place at the new university campus stadium. Subsequently, prizes were distributed to all participating students and teachers. Students from the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades were selected to take part in the race.”