Al-Sudani meets with company representatives

Chinese company set to build industrial city in Basra

BAGHDAD, November 30 — Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa Al-Sudani received the president of Chinese company Shang Xin and an accompanying delegation on Thursday. The Chinese company, led by Mr. Zhang Ji Ming, is set to build an advanced industrial city in Basra.

A statement from the Prime Minister’s press office said:

Prime Minister Al-Sudani affirmed, during the meeting, that Iraq possesses many promising investment opportunities available to investors of all nationalities. He indicated that the government will provide all necessary facilities for major companies from various countries. Shang Xin, a leading Chinese companies with diverse global investments, will undertake the project to establish an advanced industrial city in Basra for the production of iron using sponge iron. Additionally, the company is in the process of contracting for a sulfur investment project in Iraq with the aim of exporting it abroad. These projects align with the government’s strategy to invest in natural resources and mineral wealth across Iraq, revitalizing the industrial sector, which is a pivotal element in the economic reform program prioritized by the government.