Buyers flock to the unusual shop

Mobile market thrives offering affordable variety of goods in Basra

BASRA, November 30 — Customers in central Basra are flocking to a new mobile market set in a refrigerated truck on the side of the Military Hospital Street. The vendors sell a variety of goods every day from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m., and say they resorted to the unconventional shop due to high rents and a lack of available storefronts in town.

Abbas Ahmed, one of the sellers on the truck, told 964, “The idea of the mobile truck occurred to me due to the high rental prices of shops and the difficulty of finding vacant commercial spaces for selling food products.”

“There is significant demand for our products, with people crowding here until late at night because the prices are reasonable. We sell canned [and jarred] goods  like honey, jam, cheese, olives, coffee, Badia milk, chocolate coffee, biscuits, and Nutella for only a thousand dinars,” he added.

Customer Ahmed Asaad shared his experience, saying, “I stopped to buy from this truck after seeing the crowd. Their prices are slightly cheaper than the market, and I save time instead of traveling to buy different products; I find them here before heading home.”