Extended drought conditions to blame

Wells in Duhok see notable decline in water levels

DUHOK, November 29 — Wells in Duhok governorate have seen a notable decline in water levels as reported by the Groundwater Administration, revealing a substantial 65 percent decrease in most wells.

There are approximately 5,000 wells across Duhok, with more constructed annually, according to Abdulmajid Abdullah, Director of the Groundwater Administration.

He told 964 that diminishing water levels are due to a combination of insufficient rainfall and prolonged drought in recent years.

“The impact is widespread across diverse cities in our governorate, such as Semel, Sheikhan, Akre, Bardarash, and Amedi,” he added. “Although variations exist, a significant majority of water wells in these areas have experienced a decline ranging between 65 to 70 percent.”

Highlighting the pressing concern of potential water scarcity, Abdullah advocates for reducing the number of wells and increasing construction of ponds and small dams as a strategic measure to mitigate the risk of water depletion.