And kidnapper in Baghdad

Security forces arrest drug traffickers in Najaf

BAGHDAD, November 25 — The Intelligence and Security Directorate of the Ministry of Defense announced on Saturday the arrest of 3 drug traffickers in Najaf, accused of kidnapping a girl in the capital, Baghdad.

A statement from the Ministry of Defense, received by Network 964, stated:

“Through intelligence information and precise field monitoring of the drug trade file, the intelligence and security directorate in Najaf Al-Ashraf, affiliated with the General Directorate of Intelligence and Security at the Ministry of Defense, succeeded in arresting (3) drug traffickers and distributors in Al-Kufa district in Najaf Al-Ashraf province. They were caught red-handed with various narcotics and drug paraphernalia, their preliminary and judicial statements were recorded, and they were detained according to the provisions of Article (28) on narcotics. In a separate context, the intelligence and security directorate in Baghdad, also under the same directorate, arrested a suspect involved in a kidnapping operation of a girl in the eastern part of the capital. After thorough verification and information gathering, the directorate managed to locate and apprehend him in the Karada area of Baghdad. A warrant for his arrest was issued under Article 421 on kidnapping. The suspect was handed over to the competent authorities procedurally.”