Ministry blames prices hikes on greed

Ministry of Commerce condemns food price increases, lifts import restrictions

BAGHDAD, November 18 — The Ministry of Commerce condemned what it called an “unjustified” rise in food prices on Saturday, blaming greed among traders for the jump and calling for the removal of import restrictions on essential goods.

Ministry spokesperson Muthanna Al-Freiji said in a statement to Iraqiyya:

The Ministry of Commerce is ready to intervene in the market to bring balance to any commodity experiencing an unnatural increase. Import restrictions have been lifted for individuals and companies wishing to import essential goods, including food, construction materials, electrical items, and pharmaceuticals.

The spokesman added that the Iraqi Central Bank’s platform is available for all food importers at the official price, making any increase unjustified and indicative of greed among some traders. Al-Freiji urged food traders to consider Iraqis’ purchasing power and avoid taking advantage of the exchange rate difference and sale of products.