Late night eats in central Kirkuk

Amer’s famous breakfast draws a diverse crowd in Kirkuk

KIRKUK, November 18 — Amer opens the doors to his renowned restaurant in central Kirkuk at midnight, closing at 10 a.m. the following day. Focusing on breakfast foods, the restaurant sees large crowds of government employees, workers, security personnel, and shop owners, as well as patients and visitors of the adjacent Kirkuk Hospital.

Established 19 years ago in the Ras al-Jisr area, Amer’s restaurant began as a small shop and grew into a popular and sizable eatery.

The restaurant offers a variety of popular breakfast dishes, including makhlama, tashreeb, hummus, fried eggs, basturma, labneh, lentil soup, geymar, and more.

Restaurant-owner Amer shared, “Customers flock in after 1 a.m., with many opting for tashreeb and makhlama for their morning meal. I have been in this profession for 19 years, and our patrons come from various governorates across Iraq, as everyone passing through Kirkuk makes a stop at our restaurant.”