Shows of solidarity on the rise worldwide

Basra orchestra stands with Palestine in memorial concert

BASRA, November 11 — The Basra Orchestra has expressed solidarity with the Palestinian people through a musical concert featuring performers of all ages and marking one month since the October 7 attack on Israel.

The orchestra played the national anthems of Iraq and Palestine, the Arab Dream operetta, and other pieces.

Fathi Shaddad, head of the Artists’ Guild in Basra, told 964, “Every Arab and every honorable person worldwide should stand with Gaza and Arab Palestine. This is a message of solidarity from Basra to Gaza.”

“This significant musical event, sponsored by the Artists’ Guild, aims to amplify our voice for the honorable Arabs, uniting them as one for the liberation of Palestine,” he added.

Violinist Nour Al-Din Adel, said, “We presented various compositions, including the Iraqi and Palestinian national anthems, the song ‘Zahret Al-Madaen,’ the famous operetta ‘The Arab Dream,’ and the anthem ‘Mary Rose Stood Up.'”

Ali Qasim, Conductor of the Basra Orchestra, shared, “Through art, we condemn any heinous act happening in the world. Therefore, we decided to convey our musical message to denounce the massacres committed by the Zionists against the Palestinian people. We are confident in the imminent victory over the enemies.”